Investment Art

Not everyone has the aesthetic sensibility to collect art. Yet those who do enjoy a hobby which acquaints the soul with profound beauty and form. 

Art is eternal, but its investment is for today; it is not cheap, but its investment value, and its guarantee of pleasure, make it exclusively special to you.

For the would-be investor interested in developing an art portfolio, but not, initially, wishing to spend too heavily on a new passion, the sourcing and collecting of limited edition art is an excellent place to begin. 

The hugely popular sales of prints and multiples in world famous art auction houses, such as Bonham’s, Sotheby’s, and Christies, attest to the demand for such accessible and reasonably priced contemporary art. 

With this in mind, we invite you to explore our collection of copyrighted works by celebrated artists, and to discover for yourself their life changing properties, not only as valuable investments, but as personally enriching objects of great beauty.

Kettle Moraine Winter

Author: Secunda A.
Year: 2000
61 х 71 см

Composition - 5

Author: Lanskoy A.
Year: 1973
65 х 94 см

Illustrations to poems and songs of Vladimir Vysotsky

Author: Chemiakin M.
Year: 1991
37 х 47 см

Transformations with Picasso

Author: Chemiakin M.
Year: 1991
65 х 95 см

Doctors and Meetings

Author: Chemiakin M.
Year: 1978
16 х 17 см

The Series of Electric Flowers: Iris, Tulip, Lily

Author: Nesbitt L.
Year: 1980
55 х 62 см

To Whom It May Concern...

Author: Kuper Y.
Year: 1997
105,5 х 75 см

7 895$

Bronze sculpture
Author: Neizvestny E.
Year: 1993
Высота: 15,5 см

The Sketch of Imaginary Sculpture

Author: Chemiakin M.
Year: 1988
29 х 30 см

Dancing With Fruits

Author: Chemiakin M.
Year: 1997
102 х 105,5 см

Curwen Anniversary Print

Author: Hoyland J.
Year: 2008
54 х 68 см

Some of the sources of Pop Art - II

Author: Blake P.
Year: 2007
66 х 68,5 см