1. What is Limited Edition Art?

Limited Edition Art is original art created by the artist in different kind of forms or in one of the manual printing techniques: lithography, seriography, etching, intaglio, photography. Each copy from the general edition is signed and numbered by the artist. The artworks of the limited edition art are the original works of the artist, which are not inferior in their artistic expressiveness and complexity to the objects of painting.

2. Why do I need this art?
Limited edition prints or sculpture - are the most accessible artworks in the art market. One copy from the total edition can hang in the museum, the second one on your wall at home, and this is a real thing. In addition, a limited edition art is an affordable "entrance ticket" to the world of art collectors.
3. How to determine the value of Limited Edition Art?

Because limited edition artworks have a set limit on the number that can be produced, and are a way for artists to release their work, they are popular among collectors looking for  valuable works, thereby perpetuating that value.

The factors which can affect the value of a limited edition include the age of the piece, the type of print used - also an indicator of age - whether Etching, Giclee, Heliogravures, Seriography, or Lithography, the popularity of the artist, and the prices their works attract in the market, as well as their presence in museum and gallery collections. 

4. What is the guarantee that this is not a fake?

The gallery values its reputation and offers only original works of artists with the author's signature and the number of the copy. The guarantee of originality is confirmed by the Certificate of Authenticity from the gallery.

5. Where can I see artworks from the gallery collection?

You can see artworks from the gallery collection in our small showroom on the territory of Tower block "Golden Keys 2" in Moscow, only by prior arrangement.

6. How to store art prints?
The advice given in this article is valid for all kinds of old and modern prints alike:
- the place must be dry and protected from direct exposure to UV rays;
- art prints which are not framed should be stored in a special packaging: archive portfolio, mat made of acid-free cardboard, protecting print sleeves made of acid-free materials;
- on the protective packaging should be labeling indicating the name of artist, title of the artwork, technique and year of creation;
- when you frame the art print is better to use museum glass and acid-free mat;
- for the hanging of framed art print it is necessary to choose a place with a minimal amount of light - up to 70 lux
7. Does your gallery provide a delivery service?
ZIMIT gallery provides a worldwide delivery service.

Delivery options:

- International delivery
- Express delivery
- 3 Days Plus
- Pick up

We recommend using one of the most reliable logistics companies which are listed below:

- DHL (http://www.dhl.ru/ru.html)
- UPS (http://https//www.ups.com)
- FedEx (https://www.fedex.com/ru-ru/home.html)
- PonyExpress (http://www.ponyexpress.ru)
- FINEARTWAY (http://fineartway.com/)

All delivery terms and conditions are those of the transport companies concerned. All details about the terms and costs of delivery are presented on the websites of the transport companies concerned. Please note that pickup your order is carried out only by prior arrangement with the gallery.

35 000 Р

Author: Pieroni B.
Year: 0
57 x 81 cm